Building An Nfl Ready Stadium

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Steve Sisolak, S-I-S-O-L-A-K, Clark County Commission Chair District A. Steve Sisolak Clark County Commissioning Chairman District A. The potential of building an NFL ready stadium, a dome stadium of this capacity of 65,000 seats, give or take, it could have an enormous economic impact on the community. You are talking about significant visitor volume increases that would come as a result of that, different events that they have spoke of, as it relates to a potential NLF football, major league soccer, different concerts and that sort of thing.

Uh, the idea that David Beckham brought up about bringing Mantris United here for a potential week with their, you know, plane loads of international fans. Are goal is to do what we can to help stabilize and continue to improve the Las Vegas economy. Anytime that you can bring visitors here, especially and including international visitors, it has a huge impact and, uh, it would definitely have a big economic impact and community pride impact on the community, if in fact you can make the numbers work to put it together.

Well, Las Vegas has a great reputation, as far as being a tourist center, but Las Vegas has morphed into something different. It used to be when I came to Las Vegas, it was a gambling destination and a place for 99 cent breakfast buffets and $2.99 dinner buffets. That’s changed, it is now a destination for shopping, entertainment, shows, nightlife. Adding a world class sports venue to that would be another

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