Building An Older Warehouse Facility

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At kicks there are several key aspect to our operations. One of the key aspects is the facility where we will make our product. We are not outsourcing because I want to have full control over my products end result ( There is a lot of cost and time lost when choosing to in source, however, because we are starting out as a fairly small company, I would like to have the good and bad fall on our shoulders. The fact that this is a new product, it is very important that the quality and end result is perfection. Our plan is to lease an older warehouse facility, this way we save money on the leasing fees. Older warehouse facilities will go for a cheaper cost than a new facility. Leasing the facility will save our company money on having to purchase a building or build a facility. Leasing the facility will also be a better fit than buying because we will have the flexibility to relocate as our company grows instead of paying for renovations to increase the size or selling cost and time.
Leased Equipment Kick will lease all commercial equipment for the first year in order to save on our startup cost. After the first year we will reinvest in the business by purchasing the equipment. Equipment is another key aspect to our operational process. It is evitable that we have the correct , up to date, high quality equipment in order to make our production process run smoothly. We will lease two beverage mixers. These beverage mixers will cost $$$ /per month, however, this…
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