Building An Opening Within A Company

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There are many important considerations in the process to fill an opening within a company. Hiring managers and any committees involved have several important areas of concern to address. Making sure the process is legal and fair is a top priority, as is selecting the best person for the job (Hynes, 2010, p. 273). How can a company best accomplish the tasks involved in hiring key members of its team? This can be accomplished through good planning, collaboration and adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards throughout the process.
Planning – The Basics The tasks of finding and selecting the best applicant for this job – Public Relations Officer – or any job begins with determining the need for the position (Hynes, 2010, p.
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(The Glass Ceiling Commission, 1995, p. 38). This report will touch more on the legal aspects of diversity in a following segment. For now, the focus will turn to quality aspects of using diversity to accomplish the goal at hand.
A collaborative team of five members has been selected and tasked with assessing the applicant pool for the Public Relations Officer position. By collaborating on this task, the committee stands a better chance of making a quality selection through diversity. Each person on the team brings a unique perspective, set of skills, thought processes and personalities to the committee. As a forward-thinking company, XYZ Enterprises understands and values diversity in decision-making. One of the best reasons for forming a talent acquisition team is to eliminate possible bias factors one person may have, often without even realizing it. In 2010 recruiting expert Joe Shaheen cautioned decision-makers about the bias factors of primacy and recency. In short, these terms refer to factors affecting a hiring manager and a tendency to be overly influenced by information received early in the interview (primacy) or information at the end (recency) of an interview (Hynes, 2010, p. 268). Such biases can be affected by many factors, and make a candidate seem more positive or negative than they really
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