Building And Create Success Inter Organizational Strategies

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To build and create success inter-organizational strategies are used by an organization to reduce uncertainty and manage resource interdependencies in its environment; this in turn will allow an organization the ability to protect and enlarge its organizational domain. An organization’s specific environment has to be managed in order to produce the greatest relationships with external stakeholders. There are two basic types of interdependencies that cause uncertainty in the specific environment, those are symbiotic and competitive. Interdependencies can be classified as symbiotic when the outputs of one organization are used as the inputs for another organization; this basically tells us that a symbiotic interdependency will be one between an organization and that organization’s suppliers and distributors (Jones, 71). Competitive interdependencies though will exist between competitors in a particular industry or sector as they fight or compete for scarce inputs and outputs, these will be the competition’s consumers and various suppliers. There are various linkage mechanisms or strategies that an organization might use to control symbiotic and competitive interdependencies. These linkage mechanisms require at least two organizations that are in some way willing to work together and cooperate with one another for a mutually beneficial outcome. If an organization is engaged in a linkage mechanism their decisions and actions must be coordinated with the other linked…
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