Building And Maintaining A Pmo

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Establishing and maintaining a PMO requires recognizing that the organization desires improvements to be made, determining the most adequate governance structure, and setting timelines to reach major goals. In order to achieve the greatest results, talent and ability must be evaluated to ascertain the proper number of staff needed, what the organizational structure will look like, the roles that employees will have, and the cost to create and run the PMO. Currently, the average PMO in the United States that functions in an organization as large as OHSU, generally has a staff of eight people, costing approximately $800K per year to operate (Project Management Solutions, 2014).
OHSU will need a PMO Director, Project Manager Support
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Utilizing the framework will get everyone one the same page, helping the new PMO staff to learn from the experience of employees from other departments who were fulfilling the roles previously. Additionally, the framework will allow for growth of the new staff, in order to consolidate, no longer needing to rely on departments that will not be operating in this capacity in the future.
The PMO may need to solicit the experience of the Central Financial Services department to cooperate with to create a proper budget to encompass the cost to create the PMO, including salaries. It will be crucial to determine that the cost savings that the PMO provides per project in the first year will cover the costs of the salary, helping to lessen the burden of creating a new department. Salaries are likely to be the highest expense, especially considering that the people hired will be experienced professionals, seeking a salary that coordinates with the level and dedication to the work that will be required. The average salary for the PMO Director could range from $100-150K annually depending upon experience, suggesting the other three employees will be paid less than that.
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