Building Ans Sustaining Trust Case Study

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Building and Sustaining Trust Case Study Building and Sustaining Trust Case Study Human Resources and Communication in Project 330 Building and Sustaining Trust Case Study Abstract A project manager’s role in building or sustaining trust both within the team as well as between themselves is to establish a strong relationship with his/her team members from the beginning of building that team. Trust will play an important role in any team member’s process because without trust between the project manager and their team you will not have the cohesion, dedication, commitment or loyalty from any team member. This is why a manager’s role is so important in the beginning of putting their team together. When trust is integrated into…show more content…
President and CEO of the Charles Schwab Corporation states that when you have your team established then you have to foster trust among the team members so that you can collaboratively move the organization forward. He says it’s crucial to have confidence in each other and promote openness, transparency and vulnerability (Role player, 2009). According to my text book “Making the Team: A Guide for Managers”, it explains that in order to trust another person you must have respect for another person because without both you have nothing. A few examples of knowing that you have respect for your fellow team mates are when you speak of your team in a very positive tone, when you feel as though decisions will not be made without the consideration of all members, when you know that you feel comfortable in team presentations and when you know that every suggestion and idea that is being made by each member is important and will add that special detailed touch to any team project. According to Cronin and Weingart, teams high in both trust and respect should be desirable as team members begin with the belief that their fellow team mates have something valuable to
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