Building Appropriate Non Credit Programs Within Stetson University

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Stetson University, the oldest private non-profit higher education institution in the state, has begun to investigate and recognize that a well-educated workforce is a vital survival strategy for an economy; leadership recognizes that a well-educated person more actively embraces his or her role as a contributing citizen. Stetson University’s mission reads: …to provide an excellent education in a creative community where learning and values meet, and to foster in students the qualities of mind and heart that will prepare them to reach their full potential as informed citizens of local communities and the world (Stetson University, 2014). Building appropriate non-credit programs within Stetson University must take on an individualized approach, per demographic, per philosophy, per content area, and per administrative mission. The scope of for-credit and non-credit attainment is too large for the purpose of this essay; the focus will be on the current status of non-credit education at Stetson University, current fiscal concerns within the providing unit, and potential remedies to overcome the dilemma of the non-credit structure within the overall department of continuing education. Problem Statement Non-credit students pay no enrollment fees and normally receive no college credit or official course grades (Barr & McClellan, 2011). Therefore, non-credit programming must be designed to sustain current market trends in a highly competitive market to substantiate its existence

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