Building Block Research Paper

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New and Exciting Math: Building Blocks Math is all around us. Everywhere you go there is some sort of math involved consciously or subconsciously. Even though math is all around us, and everything we do involves math, I myself must say I dislike math. Research has shown there are many more people that dislike math compared to those who do like it. A survey done by a nonprofit organization named Change the Equation asked 1,000 middle school kids in 2010 whether they would prefer to eat broccoli or do one math problem, surprisingly more than half answered they would eat broccoli. Throughout the years, there have been many different strategies created on how to introduce and/or teach math to children.…show more content…
A year later nationwide there were fifty-one schools with approximately 23,000 children who started this program. New York City has been one of the later state’s that purchased the curriculum with more than100 classrooms. A few of the other states that have been using this math curriculum have been Nashville with more than 50 classrooms and Massachusetts with more than 60 classrooms. This program includes children from mixed and low-income families. The department of Education has planned to spend at least six million dollars in the Building Blocks curriculum for preschoolers. They are also trying to promote an extra unit in literacy and science. This will be titled NYC Pre-K Explorer. Building Blocks has had good results in Boston and other cities. Preschoolers have been introduced to Building Blocks so they can start getting a sense of math and the importance of it. This is helping to build around the learning trajectories so it can be age appropriate for children in terms of mathematics. At the age of only three and four these children are learning about numbers and operations, geometry, measurement, pattern and algebra, last but not least data analysis and classifications. The materials of Building Blocks mirrors the action and on the objects of the math activities so it may develop the children…show more content…
Some of this research include drafting curriculum goals, building an explicit model of the learning trajectories of children’s knowledge and creating initial activities. The results were found in three different studies. They show Building Blocks has increased knowledge of multiple essential mathematical concepts and the skills. The graph below shows the results in two graphs benchmarked in .25, which is practical significance .5, means moderate strength and .8 as a large effect. The other shows comparing Building Blocks post-test children which both had a great turn
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