Building Bridges For Environmentalists : The Role Of Diversity

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Jody Chinchen
PSY 513
November 21, 2014
Final Draft

Building Bridges for Environmentalists: The Role of Diversity in the Environmental Movement
Environmentalism has long been accused of being a condition of the affluent – a veritable luxury of the first world condition, despite a resounding deficiency of empirical data to support this assumption. A number of studies countering this point of view are being disseminated, potentially dismantling these postulations (Brechin 1999; Fairbrother 2012; Ignatow 2006; Mart’inez-Alier and Alier 2012), though the cultural disparity explaining a wide variety of environmentalist concerns remains difficult to explain (Brechin 1999), albeit important. Understanding commonalities, more so than polarities, will prove invaluable as we enter an era of globalization and face increased conflict over resource scarcity. A unified approach to solving environmental issues is imperative.
This paper will examine the social constructions of environmentalism in the context of building and reinforcing environmental values. Kevin Archer, in Social Constructions of the Environment, states: “Environmental issues… are considered… combined social and natural phenomena, neither wholly natural nor wholly social in origin or substance. Thus, environmental issues, problems and conditions should be studied as such if they are to be successfully identified, analyzed and resolved” (2012:1). This paper seeks to examine more thoroughly this concept of…
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