Building Challenges Within A Team

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The most often cited barrier to team effectiveness, whether in a traditional or virtual setting is that of trust. According to (Germain, 2011, pg. 29), “Members of a team should be willing to be vulnerable to the actions of their teammates.” The challenge lies in the fact that trust is known to best develop when people can physically meet. The question project managers must ask themselves is what strategies are at their disposal to overcome trust building challenges within a team. One of the most detrimental aspects of not trusting each other is additional time and effort is squandered on monitoring other members, duplicating work and documenting issues (Germain, 2011). One method a manager has to establish trust is by substituting…show more content…
Everyone at some time or another has wished management would just let them be, freeing up precious time where they can work without distraction. There are those managers who just don’t have it in their personality to let a team run autonomously and often meddle in the decision making process only for the sake of staying informed. Decentralized decision making among a dispersed team should be considered by every level of management, especially in areas where quick responses are necessary (Bourgault M. , Drouin, Daoudi, & Hamel, 2008). This encourages team members to take ownership of a project and rely on each other, deepening working relationships which naturally increase the horizontal cross flow of information and the coordination of responsibilities. As discussed earlier, trust among the team to include the project manager is crucial to any projects success. As management attempts to strip teams of autonomy, this level of trust between members and management is eroded, destabilizing team spirit and drive to be as efficient as possible. Since distributed projects contain a high level of risk due to ambiguity, the more a member is involved in the decision making process the greater their job satisfaction (Bourgault et. al 2008). This will obviously create a greater sense of belonging and responsibility within the team boosting collaboration efforts as individuals

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