Building Codes Of The Engineering

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Overall this process is very linear and there is no way to reduce the flow time. Each step in the process must be completed before moving to the next. After reviewing the process, there are some items that work well and there are steps that are inefficient. Currently the only steps in the process that work well are associated with the engineering functions of the process. The Engineering group has had a 100% on-time performance for the last six years and has had no returned material acquisitions (RMA) in that time. These RMAs are a credit that will be refunded to the customer and will lower the margin on a project. It is critical that these are limited since they affect the bottom line. Once all the required information has been given to this group, the engineering can produce the design in a fairly quick manner. Our current engineering software does need to have some capabilities added to the program that could increase productivity and cause less time needed to check projects. At this time, there are some new building codes that have not been incorporated into to program. Since we are starting to see more projects using this new building code, this causes the engineers to make manual changes to the design, which has a negative affect on productivity. The most critical element of this process is step #2 (see process map). When the project manager reviews the project before sending it to the project service department. Over the last six years, this has been
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