Building Consent Application For Demolition

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In this report I will examine a reflection on a building consent application for the demolition of ‘Riverside one’ as called or ‘Shell Store’, which is a non-listed building in a conservation area, and is part of the restoration project of the ‘lost’ 19th century Lower Barrier ditch of Chatham Lines. This is in the perspective view of the partial and broader regeneration of the town environments and riverfront. The decision of demolition of this listed building, was taken from an idealistic Masterplan organized by Medway Council in 2010 for the restoration of the Chatham Gun Wharf site, in respect of broader communal benefits, equally physical and intellectual, to the nationally important historic defences.
The strategic location of the barrier ditch at Gun Wharf provides the southern point of entry to the militarized zone and together with the neighbouring site of Fort Amherst, provide the gateway to Chatham Dockyard’s heritage area. In that respect the already standing building called ‘Riverside one’ or ‘Shell Store’, constructed over the ditch, would require demolition as to provide access and therefore allow re-presentation of the section of Chatham Lines to the west of Dock Road to give a sense of its original 19th century form.

Some Historic Background about the Gun Wharf ditch and the ‘Riverside One building’
In 1860 the Lower Barrier Ditch was partially filled after the end of the Gun Wharf section. The changes in military needs forced the site to…
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