Building Description Of The Guarantee ( Prudential ) Building

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Guaranty Building, Buffalo, NY
Part One - Building Description The Guarantee (Prudential) building stands as a landmark in Buffalo, New York not just because of its rich history as one of the earliest skyscrapers but because of its highly decorated exterior and unique design which subscribes to its function. The building which stands at 152 feet tall is composed of various zones from the ground going upwards. Its architects, Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler ensured that the building was divided into four different zones based on their prescribed functions. The whole concept of the Guarantee (Prudential) building was based on Sullivan’s philosophy that form follows function. From the façade, only three zones are visible. The first zone which is the basement – meant for mechanical and utility area – cannot be noticed from the outside of the building. However, from the exterior, the ground floor zone (second zone) is noticeable. The zone was the public area for lobbies, public entrances and street facing shops. The third zone which extends from the second floor upwards is also defined by a cluster of identical cell blocks – meant for offices. The third zone at the extreme top of the building – the terminating zone – can also be identified from the exterior. The three zones from the design are notable from the curves and arches that define the terminating zone at the top of the building; the vertical elements and smaller windows on the second zone which is the office zone; and

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