Building Design : Green Buildings

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Green Buildings As Goldman Environmental Prize winner Terry Swearingen stated, “we are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” In today’s society, the architectural process is beginning to exponentially grow due to the vast need of building construction for evolving communities. However, many architects are massively constructing without truly realizing the side effects of building architecture to the economy or environment. A building plan should not be viewed solely on the physical structure, but also the ecological and ethical impacts that the actual construction can potentially create. Eco architecture is gradually integrating developing sustainable concepts into the architectural world and experts are currently exploring green tactics to fulfill the environmental and economical needs of architecture. The term “green” is coined with eco architecture because the method of construction seeks to minimize harm and disruption to the environment, while promoting energy efficiency and cost reduction through the moderate use of natural materials. With the proper approach, architects could operate with a green technique that could potentially strengthen quality control of construction, improve the efficiency of current architecture, and depress the potential harm towards the economy and environment. The primary goal of eco architecture revolves around the balance between energy efficiency and stable use of materials and development space to sustain the
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