Building Down The Street : Management Team

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When it comes to most work places, employees begin to get comfortable. This happen to the fortune 500 companies and also the regular small businesses. I helped open a TGI Friday’s once, and everyone had to work hard, people had new ideals and concepts to make the transition easier on daily basis. Crew members was working so hard to find their place at the company, and just like a sports team that starts off with a 100 players and when the season starts, the roster only can hold 53 members. So the concept was the operation will retain only the best crew member that showed performance growth and skills. So after the roster was chosen, and the operation was on the way, I notice that staff wasn’t as motivated like the beginning of the selection process. The cook time begin to be long for customers, meals wasn’t prepared the proper way, and of all things, the competition was beginning to build down the street. The management team had to think of different tactics to keep employees motivated and also to keep the good employees from leaving and going to the competition. The first thing the General Manager did was to call an emergency manager’s meeting and for them to bring your ideals and tactics on how to keep the employees motivated to stay with the company and to start to make the customers satisfied with the service again. So the management team that the general manager had assembled was rookies to teamwork and motivating staff. After hours of no ideals
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