Building Effective Relationships With Your Business

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In the business, it is important to have Strategies for Building Effective Relationships with your business. It is good to have trust, teamwork, communication and respect for all employees in a business when building work relationships. When people have respect for other employees in the work field, it will make the job more enjoyable. People want to say their work is enjoyable to be at, and they do not mind going into work five days a week or more. Having strong working relationships does take time and people need to stay focus on their job duties. That is the manager job duties to make sure their employees are working hard and staying focus on the job. The manager or leaders job is to make sure they set up a plan for their employees and…show more content…
Being a mentor is magnificent to have been a manager. The manager is also a coach in the business world for the employees and being a manager and a coach they are giving the employees hope and being successful. This will give the manager more respect from the employees, and it will make the employees more productive. Motivation is good to have in the business, and that is management job to make sure their employees are motivated in the work field. Managers need to inspire their employees to help with their job skills and increasing the business productivity. The managers could inspire an employee to advance in the company and find something the employee will like. Communication is good to have with the business and the employees. The President and Vice President of the company tell the manager to change the procedures in the work field for the employees. It is the manager job to tell the employees the changes in the correct form. Giving the correct information is showing the manager is organized and can control the employees of the new structure. The manager needs to know how to give a proper interviewing. The manager needs to know the skills in order to make sure the manager hires the right people. The manager needs to know how to ask the interviewer the right questions for the position the interviewer asking to be in for the business. The manager needs
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