Building Elements Of A Successful Team

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Proactive Planning
In meetings requested by managers, various agendas are discussed and explained. Of them, the plan to establish self-directed and high-performance teams is spotlighted. The company needs to establish a team that combines the different talent and work performance of its employees in order to accomplish a particular goal and purpose. Concerns arise when some of the company’s managers are experiencing some teams that are self-directed and high-performing, while others are not. Therefore, discussions are held which aim at familiarizing all employees with what it means to be self-directed and high performing.
In the process, they brainstorm on ideas like building elements of a successful team. If a manager has not fulfilled the demand of having this type of team, they are focused on as needing more aid in successfully moving forward towards the goal. At the time, those who are struggling are expected to learn from those who are doing well in order for them to identify the mistakes and how to correct them. In team building, through the help of leadership within the company, a team of people collaborate and work together to achieve a common goal. (Midura & Glover, 2005) In this case, leaders are managers and they make decisions, clarify goals, build commitment practices and coach their team. Team building is very important as it enhances collaboration. It also creates a greater likelihood of commitment to the company by its employees and the overall communication…

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