Building Information Modeling And Construction Industry

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Building Information Modeling in Construction Industry

Jyothirmai Chatrathi,

BIS 625 Research in Information Systems

College of Business Administration, Department of Business Information Systems
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858

Information systems, construction industry, Building Information Modeling.
The development of technology is very rapid in many industries, but in the field of construction it is very slow and lagging, as the positive side of it is unsure. The present trend of buildings is more innovative and complicated which are designed using the modern technologies, all these procedures during the development stages involves substantial
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(Katz, 2010) This area of research in the field of Information systems is completely neglected. Most of the research on BIM has so far been published in engineering disciplines such as construction informatics (CI), which seeks to bridge the gap between computer science and construction (Björk, 2005). “This technical innovation is more important as it facilitates team co-ordination and integration in the construction industry” (Aouad, 1999) BIM provides a common platform for information which can be used by wide range of professionals who are involved during the design and during the construction process, till the completion, till issuing occupancy certificate (Aksamija Ajla and Ali, 2008). It helps the users from the initial conceptual design and transferring into a 3D. Figure 1.1
Figure 1.1, clearly unveils the difference between past and future procedures. “The past processes are distinct activities separated from the information that direct the final product, and the future where information-centric integrated processes are essential” (Aksamija Ajla and Ali, 2008)
The Building Design+Construction conducted a survey, in which they got results as more than 75% respondents
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