Building Information Modeling ( Bim )

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Building Information Modeling (BIM): Uses & Future of BIM in construction Industry

CON 524 – Building information Modeling
Mohammed Murtuza Ali
Date: 05-09-2014

Building information modeling is a coordinated set of processes which is supported by technology for digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of places. It is a process that relies on information rich models to help owners and Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) service providers to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage building and infrastructure projects. Building information modeling is now becoming more popular and transforming the global AEC industry. The usage of BIM now is on high rise because it provides greater
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In October and December 2009, there was online survey conducted to quantify the frequency of each BIM Use along with the perception value for the BIM Use and the survey results represent that the largest percentage of respondents were the architects (36%), Design consultant(13%),General contractors(14%),and CAD consultant (14 %) and the least respondent were specialty contractors and facility managers (4%)
There are top 25 works can be done by BIM in Construction Industry and every BIM use has different frequency and benefit. The works done by using BIM in construction industry are as follows:
(1)3D Coordination (2) Design Reviews (3)Design authoring (4)Construction System Design (5) Existing Condition Modeling (6) 3D Control and planning (7) Programming (8) Phase planning(4D modeling) (9) Record Modeling (10) Site Utilization Planning (11) Site analysis (12) structural Analysis (13) Energy Analysis (14) Cost Estimation (15)Sustainability LEED Evaluation (16) Building System Analysis (17) Space Management /Tracking (18)Mechanical Analysis (19) Code Validation (20) Lighting Analysis (21) Other Engineering analysis (22)Digital Fabrication (23) Asset Management (24) Building Maintenance Scheduling (25) Disaster Planning.
For a construction project to complete it
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