Building Information Modelling And Management Techniques Improved Organisational And Employee Performance Essay

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‘How BIM affects a construction manager’s role and through management techniques improved organisational and employee performances’


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i. Abstract
Building information modelling (BIM) is a new technology that is undoubtedly reshaping the construction industry as we know it. BIM is designed to change the way in which we communicate.
The biggest construction industry client is the government. They back the use of BIM on projects in such a way that they announced as part of their construction strategy that BIM enabled projects will be mandatory by 2016 on all public projects.
This research will establish how BIM will affect a construction manager’s role with a project whilst analysis of how both organisational and employee performances can be improved with the use.
Chapter 1 - Introduction
1.1 Rationale
As BIM is becoming more and more recognized within the construction industry, more construction organisations are aware of the advantages it can bring to their business. Many organisations are not aware of the benefits that BIM can bring to a job role with in the business.
Fully functional BIM can offer each person within a project team advantages from design stage to complete and operational, these benefits can make a project life cycle a more efficient process, which in turn makes the business a more successful business.
The potential impact BIM can have when used to the full capability on
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