Building Inspections At Sydney Council Building Control Manager Essay

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There are urgent calls for the building industry be renovated, as Auckland Council’s failing up to 40% of its building inspections. Auckland Council building control manager, Ian McCormick, says the push for Auckland to ramp up its housing supply is putting the construction industry under pressure, and seeing the quality of work take a dangerous dive (Tibshraeny, 2015). Shoddy buildings are going up in Auckland as the council struggles with "significant" quality issues including unskilled construction workers without proper supervision. The warning comes as more land is opened up for development in an effort to take some heat out of the property market. In this essay I will talk about the reasons and causes of the shoddy buildings increased, the quality of home buildings regulated in New Zealand, the measures to improve the situations and the key elements of the quality system for building of a residential home.

Reasons and causes of the shoddy buildings increased

Minister Nick Smith has plan to Auckland consents rose to a near 10-year high to 912 in April, short of the 1000 a month Building and Housing (Jones, 2015). Ian McCormick who oversees Auckland Council 's building consenting said that there are some serious problems at some sites his workers were encountering. They have some significant industry quality issues that they are struggling with as well, as evidenced by between 25 and 40 per cent of all building inspections continue to fail, he said, while
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