Building Leadership Skills Essay

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Leadership is one of the most sought after skills in the professional world and a fantastic skill to possess outside the workplace. However, while many people can give the dictionary definition of leadership not many understand what it truly means to be a leader. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “People ask the difference between a leader and a boss…The leader works in the open, and the boss in covert. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” This quote captures the essence of what leadership truly is; leading a group to their common goal together rather than as a unit of people led by one individual who only has their own interests in mind. Anyone can be a boss and tell people what they need to do to help the boss reach his goal but a leader will…show more content…
One such trait is intuition (Buchanan) as being able to anticipate needs and problems ahead of time gives the leader a great advantage. Compassion (Prive) is another trait often thought of as being a womanly trait—a lead needs to be willing to take people under his wing and help them become better people and better members of the team. Along with compassion, patience and empathy (Buchanan) are other emotionally charged traits often attributed to women that are very valuable when in a leadership position. Anyone who wants to be a great leader needs to be able to stay in tune with the thoughts and feeling of the team in order to be successful. Leadership is not a one size fits all skill; there are several different styles of leadership and each style has times where it may work better than another so knowing several styles of leadership is invaluable. The most common style of leadership today is transformational, the transformational leader sells his ideas using reason and persuasion and is often a great communicator, Abraham Lincoln is a well-known leader who employed this style. Another leadership style often seen today is democratic where the actions of the group are determined by the desires of a majority of the group—one major downside to this style is it often takes time for the group to reach a consensus and act upon the consensus. While on the surface the authoritarian style of leadership often used by people like Napoleon who are often remembered as
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