Building Leadership Talent As The Most Significant Challenge Facing Organizations Today Essay

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“Building leadership talent as the most significant challenge facing organizations today” (Cleavenger, & Munyon, 2013, p 351). As the old saying goes, ‘It’s not always what you say, but how you say it,’ this concept is the same for what leadership styles you use in your particular situation. “Leadership, primarily deals with influence. A manager may or may not be an effective leader. A leader’s ability to influence others may be based on a variety of factors other than his/her formal authority or position” (Wojcak, Bajzikova, Sajgalikova, & Polakova, 2016, p 34). We will discuss there are situations where a leader has opportunities to employ different leadership styles some prove to be more successful than others but there is not one that can be used in every situation.
Dead Poets Society: O captain, my captain! (Transformational and Trait Model)
Transformational model is roughly explained as, “Leaders are visionaries who change organizations and people’s behavior” (Wagner, n.d.). The boys in the scenario were used to a very structured way of learning, when the new teacher came in and started teaching in a completely different way. At first, they were resistant, but eventually like found that they were truly able to learn the materials not just memorize and regurgitate the information. They also discovered that it was this new style of learning that was helping them in other areas of life; allowing them to think differently about situations, question paths set…
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