Building Phase Of The Construction Phase

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The database consolidation infrastructure build phase also referred to as the construction phase is a daunting phase where multiple factors will be under consideration depending on the system requirements associated with the databases and supporting applications including storage, CPU, cache, RAM and most importantly elastic scalability for future growth or database retirement. Furthermore, considerations of migrating to the Cloud at a future date cannot be bypassed or overlooked. 1.8.1 Addressing Risks in the Build Phase
Proactive risk management is crucial during this Phase because it represents the pinnacle of potential chaos in the project’s life cycle. Managing risks during this Phase begins with updating the status of risks while the infrastructure is being built, and ensuring that risk management plans are current. To identify new risks, the task lists from the Envisioning and Planning phases must be reviewed to discover areas of high risk in the build phase. If any item on these lists is unaccounted, it could present itself as a risk during this Phase. The following text must be reviewed to identify risks associated with the operating system and the DB layers.
1.8.2 The Operating System Layer
Issues related to the operating system layer will occur when a database is moved from a non-Oracle or a non-CDB environment into a CDB environment.
1.8.3 The DB Layer
The most significant risk is that of undetected data conversion errors associated with different versions of…
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