Building Rapport And An Effective Teacher

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Rapport I believe that building rapport is essential in the classroom to be an effective teacher. Rapport is nothing more than a connection you make with your students based on their positive feelings for you. When they like and trust you, and when you in turn like and believe in them, you’ll form a bond that makes classroom management a lot easier (Linsin, 2012). To establish rapport in my classroom I will be enthusiastic about teaching them and passionate about every subject matter, show my funny side and also make eye contact and use facial expressions to show my emotions. I believe students are more likely to respect the teacher and behave in the classroom when they like the teacher and feel safe and loved. I plan on establishing…show more content…
I will work hard to get to know students background and cultures and value them in my classroom. Establishing Expectations and Rules The very first day of school students should be taught rules regarding acceptable classroom behavior. There’s no doubt that the clearer the rules and expectations are, the more likely students will be to learn (Catapano, Jordan. n.d). Rules are set into place for student’s safety and to make the classroom run smooth. When students know what is expected of them they are more likely to abide by the rules that are set in place. I will have rules in my classroom that are meaningful and specific so students know exactly what is expected from them. After introducing students to the rules and expectations, make sure that they are displayed in a manner that can be easily viewed and referenced (Catapano, Jordan. n.d). When students can visually see the rules they can easily reference back to it easily. One of the most effective ways to enforce expectations and rules is to be consistent. Verbally talk to students on the situations that arises and if students do not follow the expectations, take a moment right then and there to remind them in a respectful way of what the expectation is (Catapano, Jordan. n.d).I will establish consequences for students who fail to abide by the rules. I will also make the parents and principal aware of my rules and enforce them consistently. Presence I believe teachers need to have
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