Building Relationship Analysis

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From my standpoint, building administrators are the forefront of the school. They foster positive interpersonal relationships, shape and promote high standards for improving the school from within, and endorse the code of ethics implemented for educators by human resources and the board of education.
Building Relationships
In my opinion, building alliances and strong interpersonal relationships is directly related to human resources. I feel as though the duties for building relationships consist of upholding and managing professional and ethical relationships within the school climate, understanding diversity by promoting inclusion, encouraging staff collaboration and leadership refinement, building external relationships with stakeholders
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For instance, one can conclude that the leadership role of the principal is not only structured around being impactful, but also evaluating all moving parts to effective leadership in a school environment. Based on my opinion of the roles of a building leader, l I believe that the functional aspects of being a principal and establishing authority includes upholding the schools mission and values, addressing school climate changes, teacher assessments, classroom observations, and exploring new ways to Improve student…show more content…
I concluded that the responsibilities of a building leader includes upholding academic standards and requirements within the school, assessing classroom curriculum, taking responsibility for student learning (staff coaching), hiring high quality educators, intervening when classroom assessments provide evidence of academic struggles, researching resources and new program implementation strategies, and accessing educators (Annual reviews, staff
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