Building Relationships With Professors And Faculty Members

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A world class engineer, the one that I am striving to become utilizes all their resources to further their education and establish more connections. They seek to build relationships with professors as well as other students so that they can gain the most out of everything available. I currently am using most of my resources available at Liberty University, like the tutoring services and going to my professors for help. These things so far have helped me to maintain grades that I am proud to have earned. They have also helped me to establish connections with the people that I interact with, connections that allow me to gain the most from them. In academics, I see that I am not where I should be for interacting with professors and faculty members. A master student utilizes their teachers regularly even when they do not necessarily need help but more to establish a relationship that could assist them to get internships. I am a work in progress with going to my professors it is mainly when I have an issue that I seek their help. I need to take steps to reach out and show my enthusiasm for the subjects taught. In doing so, I will foster better connections with my professors. They are overflowing with knowledge, experience, ideas that could help me to be the world class engineer that is a leader after Christ to his community. A world class engineer when in the classroom can understand the different teaching styles and adapt to them to best gain the most from them. I didn’t have
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