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For building work to begin, a builder must first apply for a building permit. An application must be sent through to the local government or permit authorities in whom the building will be locate, In this case it comes under the city of canning. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary documents are correct and included in the correct applications. There are various different application forms that must be completed, these include;
• Section 40 (local planning approval)
• Development application (development/building approval)
• Demolition permit
• Building permit (certificate of design compliance)
• Occupancy permit (certificate of building/construction compliance)
These applications must all
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This application needs to be submitted to ensure the building will conform with the local governments planning scheme. To obtain a section 40 permit in the city of canning it is required to submit the following information to the council:
• A City of Canning Section 40 Application Form;
• Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor Certificate of Local Planning Authority – Section 40 (LLD/15) forms
• Site plan – showing street and lot numbers (to scale)
• Floor plan – identification of area proposed to be used as part of licence including alfresco areas
• Management plan – describing the nature of the business being undertaken and the trading hours proposed and addresses issues such as security on the site, lighting in and around the site, security of patrons leaving the venue, methods of patron control, assistance in departing the venue (availability of direct telephone link to taxi service or public transport location) and noise control; and
• Fee for Section 40 Certificate which according to the city of canning fee schedule is $60 (table 1.0) As stated by the city of canning ( 2015)
Development approval:
Development Applications are checked to determine the effect of the proposal on the amenity of adjoining properties, compatibility with the streetscape, and
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