Building Team Work And Fast Problem Solving Skills

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X is the answer from the previous problem which acts at the starting number for the next problem. If I simply write all the numbers then all the students would have to do is simply solve the last problem. The goal of this is, is to build team work and fast problem solving skills. The objective of this game is to have one person start the first problem using the car, once they complete the problem they will hand the car off to the next person where they complete the second problem and so on. Whichever group can gives me the correct final answer the fastest is the winner. By having this activity in place, my student with ADD will be focused on the road because they would be anticipating their turn and my student with High Functioning Autism…show more content…
This game is intending for on your toes fast critical thinking and I have to make sure my students are ready to effectively answer these question. Both my student will struggle in different ways. My student with High Functioning Autism should have no problem understanding this lesson and the actual content of this lesson, it is during this game where he/she would find the most difficult. My student with ADD will struggle with eh actually lesson, but be focused during the intense fast paced game. Which means, the key in giving my lesson is to do it in very short increments. If I give my students a 15 minutes lesson on subtracting, I am going to lose my ADD students within 7-10 minutes. I believe that if I give my lesson in small, 5 minute increments, that I will be able to have that student on board with the rest of the class. Not only is this beneficial for my students but my other students would usually get antsy in their desks as well, especially at the early elementary level. On the IRIS website, a teacher used what they call probes. Probes are essentially tests where the students will have a beginning and end of the year, but in this case I am giving them just one, instead of one at the beginning and the end of the year. I am doing this because this type of standards, needs to be learned before the end of the school year. With mastery measurement, I am making sure that every student has at least 75% of the questions answered
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