Building Technology And Design Optimization Essay

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From the very early ages, I was interested in anything related to design and making, and the theories of architecture, building technology and design optimization are always my number one concerns. Having an architectural background, I have research experience with numerical and experimental studies of structural and material systems, and I would like to move the knowledge forward by studying the PhD in building technology, where I can have a research on performance-oriented design of buildings, considering structural and environmental performance, using integrated parametric design and performance assessment at the early stages of design. On the other hand, having a post professional degree in digital technologies, gave me a lot of knowledge and experience with the different methods and machines of fabrication, and I would like to combine the two methods in order to get the most optimized design and fabrication method. Probably all the architects have the experience of their design being called “unrealistic”. I believe this is mostly happening because of the lack of knowledge in real life building methods and technologies and sometimes being too optimistic about what is feasible when it is time for construction. Having a civil engineer father, I was aware of the limits in construction and I was always willing to find new methods by which the more complex designs can be fabricated. After five years of studying Bachelors of Architecture and passing so many courses, I learned
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