Building The Pharmacy Within The Nursing Home And Rent

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Expenses Our initial expense will be building the pharmacy within the nursing home and rent. Building and renovations costs will be $50,000.00. We will then furnish our pharmacy. The pieces that will be purchased include two desks, a coffee table, six chairs, 2 couches, a room divider, shelves, cabinets, and a TV. These will be inside the pharmacy and in our waiting room. Along with these, office equipment will be purchased as well. This will include three computers, a printer, fax machines, phones, staplers, pen, paper clips, labels, and folders for storage. A very important required purchase will be the computer program. This will provide a setup for our pharmacists and technicians. Once all these items are in place, a refrigerator, freezer and safe will be purchased for the medications. These, aside from the office supplies, are all expenses that will only be incurred during the first year. Yearly expenses will include salaries for the three staff pharmacists, the six technicians, staff training, rent, office supplies (as mentioned previously), utilities, medical supplies, marketing and advertising, prescription medication, and over the counter drugs. The utilities will be for Internet services, phone services, electricity, gas, water, and heat. The medical supplies will include blood pressure cuffs, glucose monitoring machines, and lipid monitoring materials. For marketing and advertising, flyers and online advertising has been budgeted in. However, most…

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