Building The Sustainability For Top Shelf Shoes

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I wanted to speak with you to address some concerns that I have with your business. I understand that you have hired an outside source to help build the sustainability in Top Shelf shoes and I wanted to let you know of some things that could be changed. There was an effort within Top Shelf Shoes to open and shoe recycling facility to cater to the “going green” initiative but not taking in to consideration all of the portions of this recycling facility that would need extra attention along with utilizing other resources and in turn causing more use of the financial portion of the business. This is called one-off products, meaning something made or occurring once – independent of any existing pattern. This can sometimes be a good thing and lead to a bigger profit, but in your efforts to increase your profit margin, this was not a great idea. Some of the things that were not taken into consideration was the amount of waste that would be produced, the increased amount of energy that would be needed to run the facility along with wages that would be paid to employees. This caused your idea of a recycling plant to have a negative impact forcing you to turn to layoffs and close down the recycling facility. This was bad in the public eye. It looks as though you are an unstable business and make irrational business decisions. Some of the things that the public was really concerned about was the effects that these products have on the environments and the quality of life produced

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