Building Trust And Credibility Is Important

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Trust can be defined as believing that someone or somewhat is reliable, nice, honest, effectual, etc. A department or business cannot be much stable without having trust. Trust can be of many types, like having trust on the employees, trust on the distributors and trust on the other stakeholders. Building trust or being credible is a basic accomplishment. This is based on main 4 cores. These are integrity, intent, capabilities and results. Similarly, for the Federal Police Agency it’s a necessity. Federal Police Agency is thought to not to be trusted. Many people think that Police Agencies are corrupt and distrustful. That is somehow true. So the federal Police Agency must lead with trust. It is obvious that it has to follow the 4 cores of credibility. Building trust is however easier said than done (Myers,, 2015). They have to work hard definitely. In this paper ways to build trust and credibility is mentioned.
1. Integrity:
The first core of being credible is to opt the way of integrity. Integrity is the value of being sincere and having strong ethical principles; ethical uprightness. It is usually a personal alternative to sustain oneself to consistent honorable and ethical averages. Subsequently, it’s really important obviously. The Federal Police Agency needs to hold integrity. They have to opt the way which can lead to integrity and following by the trust building.
Integrity is significant for Police Agents because they are selected, appointed,
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