Building Your Own Computer

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Due to lack of funds I was unable to purchase the parts I wanted. To work around this obstacle I took apart my own computer and rebuilt it to learn the process of building a computer. Throughout this research outcome I will explore the processes I used and will discuss important matters to consider. I will also reference information that will help you build your own computer.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that since 2013, 83% (7.3 million) of households have internet access. This means at least 83% of households have access to some form of computer influenced technology even if it isn’t computer (smart phones, tablets). Being able to build your own computer will save you money as well as giving while having control on your PC’s performance. Desktops may not be portable but are great if you want more performance for your price.
Deciding what parts to use when building your computer may be a long process. For me deciding the parts for my next computer that I want to build took longer than taking apart and putting together my current computer. I believe this is because there are so many uses for computers and everyone has a different budget and goal in mind. If the goal is to build a computer for basic word processing you can save money without much loss of performance in your work. If you wanted to play all the latest games at their highest setting you may even have to start…

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