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I’ve always been very interested in computers, from the way that they function, to how reliant we are on them in the modern day. So when it came to narrowing down a list of potential topics for my senior project, building a computer was one of the top choices I had. Eventually I did choose to that. This included buying all of the separate parts and assembling it together. After that, I knew that I would have to install an operating system on it, most likely Microsoft Windows, for it to be functional to the common person. Most people do not know how to navigate through a computer without a GUI, also known as a graphical user interface. I felt that it would be a great learning experience to build my own computer system, and did prove to be…show more content…
I spent a lot of time unpacking all of the components and preparing them for assembly. All of parts that I received besides the case came in anti-static wrapping, in order to reduce the chance of frying the parts due to electrical discharge while traveling. After that was done, I decided to start preparing the case. I removed the film on the plexi-glass windows that prevented them getting scratched during assembly. Next, I installed the optional fan on the side door that would blow air onto the motherboard and graphics card, to keep everything extra cool. There were two front 120mm fans, one rear 120mm fan, and one 200mm fan that were preinstalled on the top. I decided in order to get maximum cooling efficiency, I would install the front two fans pointing inwards and sucking in air into the case. These are called intake fans. They bring the cold outside air into the case. Also, the side fan would be pointing in. The rear fan was to be put pointing outside the case. The 200mm preinstalled fan was facing outwards as well. These fans would expel the hot air from inside outside. This should provide a nice circulation inside. Once that was done, it was simply just a matter of putting the rest of the parts in the case and securing them. I had a guide off of the internet that went through step by step telling you what to do, but each computer is a little bit different so there were a couple parts that were different and I had to modify what it said to

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