Building a New Mentality and a more Aware Society to Fight Obesity

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Introduction The obesity levels have reached its highest limits in the MENA region recently. People who are eating from the boxes are more than those who eat from the nature, fast food industry is booming and the diseases do increasingly take over a day after another. We need a new mentality and more aware society to control the obesity, that for sure; however we need an effective tools and handy services that have the potential of restraining the so – called “developing countries killer”. Product Description The product is a research-based technology. A recapitulation of previous softwares concerned by health and dieting developed in collaboration with the world’s finest chefs and nutritionists. “My Cooking Mate” is online/offline application developed to work on Android and IOS operating platforms, which means that you will use it on the go, on portable devices anywhere anytime. What is so special about the app is the fact that you will not struggle to decide what to eat or what “shouldn’t you eat”. Basically to get started with the app, you have to build your profile on spot by the time you download it and entering your details: your current weight, your desired weight and other details, As the app calculates for you and creates the right daily macros, you will choose your favorite cuisines and food types and then you will choose your mate (a vocal instructor) who will give you a step-by-step guidance while you cook with a voice recognition feature, you will

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