Building a Virtual Team

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Organizing the team, developing rules, assigning tasks, following up on tasks A team comprised of international components presents an interesting challenge in regards to management. Various problems can potentially arise in regards to organizing the team, developing rules that govern the team and assigning tasks. One method in which to mitigate all of the above mentioned rules is by setting performance standards for the entire team to adhere (Alexander, 2000). One such standard involves the use of a balanced scorecard. A balanced scorecard allows each individual irrespective of their position within the team to have a core set of standards in which to abide by. These standards will also include the job function and the roles of each member with the job function. The scorecard provides an ideal medium in which to judge performance as well. By viewing the scorecard management can easily pinpoint areas of opportunity and improvement (Blair 2010). Performance standards are a very integral part in the underlying business operations of any firm. Competition, particularly from foreign entities is becoming more intense. As such, standards must be created in order for companies to maintain their competitive advantage over their peers in a particular industry. One only needs to look at the auto industry to see how a lack of standards and oversight can be a detriment to business. Many foreign firms, due to competition have entered into the auto market that was once dominated solely
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