Building an Energy Efficient House

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In the 21st Century, one of the most talked about topic is that of global warming as well as the impacts that it has on the environment. In particular, the reason why global warming has become a popular subject is because the devastating effects of global warming have been felt and witnessed than before. For instance, heat waves that have been experience on various occasions have been attributed to the increased emission of greenhouse gases. In that perspective, I will in this essay explain how I intend to build an energy efficient house that I will be living in so that I can have positive impact to the environment by leaving in a house that has less negative impact to the environment. In perspective of the size of the house, I can state that the house will have 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, one stair case and two garages. The area of the house will be 2,097 square feet while the house will be a cottage style. The house will mainly feature random stonework and a wood siding in order to bring cottage flavor into the house. From the lobby, pillars alert the great room that will feature cathedral ceilings; screened porch access as well as a fireplace with surroundings buildings. The kitchen will also have the cathedral ceilings. Other main aspects of the house include fireplace, front porch, and optional bonus space, side-loading, formal dining room and greeting or gathering room. In view of the greenhouse features, the house will be built by materials that can be classified as
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