Building an Off Road Vehicle from Scratch

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It consists of welding, fabricating brackets and mounts, and aligning all of the parts to work with each other. Building this vehicle is going to be a learning experience for me. I am new to welding and I am new to designing a vehicle like this. The following paragraphs show the different types of welding, the safety gear used for welding, the tools involved in my project, and the complex machines I used to complete my off road vehicle.

The definition of welding is a process where two or more pieces of metal are fastened together by the use of heat and pressure. The welder I am using is a Miller 350p MIG. This welder has three processes it can do: MIG welding, pulsed MIG and flux-cored MIG welding. MIG welding works by forming one droplet of molten metal at the end of the electrode poss the arc and into the puddle. Pulsed MIG welding is a non-contact transfer method between the electrode and the weld puddle. This means that the electrode never touches the puddle. This is accomplished through high-speed manipulation of the electrical output of the welding machine. It is designed to be a spatterless process. It runs at a lower heat input than a spray or globular transfer pulse. Then, the right amount of current is added to push that one droplet acr A weld is only as strong as your thickest metal you are welding (Farnsworth 147) (Miller) (Kadubek)(Borchert 169).

There are a couple…
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