Building an Online Community

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Building an Online Community Contents Vision and Mission Statement 3 Tagline 3 Background 3 Portal Outline 4 User Created Content 4 Web Portal Design 5 Discussion Forums 5 File Hosting 6 Search 6 Conclusion 6 Bibliography 7 Vision and Mission Statement The vision of Net Gamers Central is to become the paramount community web portal in the world of online gaming, providing large amounts of useful information as well as integral services to the online community. The Net Gamers Central wishes to cater to the needs of everyone in the online community and to become recognized as the forefront in all gaming news, tools and services. The Mission of Net Gamers Central is to organize the world's online gaming…show more content…
By adopting elements of UCC, the Onling gaming community web portal can provide all the information that users need, without forcing them to research external information sites, therefore becoming far more self serving and robust. Web Portal Design Web portals in the past were seen primarily as gateways as was stated earlier, thereby limiting the creative control administrators could have over the design of the web site. Due to the shift in functionality of web portals however, as well as the added value of UCC, it has become increasingly challenging to design web sites where users can find exactly what they are looking for (Fang, et al, 2004). Prominent gaming portals IGN (Fox Media, 1996), and Gamespot (Deemer, et al, 1996), display the attributes of good web design, limiting the amount of useless hyperlinks, and utilises taxonomy for articles to make them easier for users to access the information they need. Gamespot also allows for a degree of personalisation within the site allowing users to select which background and forum theme they wish to use, whose selection will be stored with the user account information, and this personalisation can help the users feel connected to the portal, thereby ensuring their continued presence (Bellas, et al, 2004). A web portal needs
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