Building and Managing an Effective Technical Support Team

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Building and managing an effective technical support team requires tremendous sensitivity to the needs of personnel. The technical support team needs solid leadership that is transformational in style because of the importance of empowering employees. Moreover, technical support team leadership must remain cognizant of the organization's mission and current operations. Changes to the organization will lead to requisite changes in the way the support team works with customers. Customers will also have changing needs, as products and services evolve. The technical support team is often the first encounter between clients and the company. Therefore, a technical support team is an integral part of the company brand. A company's image and reputation depends on technical support that is courteous, knowledgeable, and effective in solving problems immediately. The first step in developing an effective technical support team is the hiring process. Knowing who to hire, and when, can make the difference between the development of a cohesive team that reflects organizational values or a team that is disjointed, comprised of members that are driving away customers. When hiring new recruits to the technical support team, individuals should be chosen based on their willingness to learn. A technical support team staff member will in most cases not be already familiar with the products or services being offered. Training will entail not just phone manners or customer service
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