Building the Boeing 787

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The company today operates from its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, having relocated there from Seattle, Washington earlier in the decade. As of October, 2012 the company has 171,000 employees and operates in 70 nations globally. As of the close of its latest fiscal year (FY2011) the company had attained a 6.9% in revenue, reaching $68.7B in revenues. The company also earned an operating profit of $5.6B, up an impressive 16.7% from their previous fiscal year.
Boeing also goes through periodic reorganizations over time to better align their business to the markets they serve. As of October, 2012 the company is operating six segments including commercial airplanes, military aircraft, network and space systems, global services and support, Boeing Capital Corporation, and ancillary revenue. The company continues to invest heavily in Research & Development (R&D), far above the industry standard of 7% (Rosenfeld, 2012). Boeing also is one of the most innovative marketers of its systems and technologies, concentrating its efforts on creating websites that are highly informational in nature. The goal of the majority fo Boeing advertising spending is institutional advertising, followed by specific program marketing and promotional costs. Boeing is also…
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