Building the New European Order Essay

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Building the New European Order

When World War II ended the final remnants of the old European order lay in ruins. With such devastation wrought upon the continent twice in less than fifty years, it was remarkable that Europe managed to recover. What is even more remarkable is the Phoenix that rose from these ashes, and the new feelings of unity that accompanied the ending of the war. Those nations of western Europe began to do what decades ago had been unthinkable: develop the blueprints for a common system of the United Europe.

Today this European Union is a region on the rise, an area where economic and social progress are finally overcoming centuries of strife and difficulty. The dream of countless conquerors and idealists
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What will be the new criterion of the future Eastern members? The same criterion that allows Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus to join theoretically allow Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt membership as well. It cannot be forgotten that Spain and Morocco (not to mention France and Algeria, and Libya/Italy) have longstanding relations as well. Are we to extended the definition of Europe to these nations when, inevitably, they wish to ride the train of success that the EU creates?

There are, essentially, four historical regions of Europe that must be taken into account. There is the core western bloc, the Eastern European bloc, the North African region, and the near Middle Eastern region. While not necessarily belonging geographically to Europe, many of these regions have strong enough ties to warrant their inclusion in the EU if they aggressively pushed for it.

The current (and fairly liberal) open entry policy allows ease of expansion for the EU, yet it cheapens Europe as a whole. The EU was a pact whose creation was fraught with political opposition and the resistance of a continent’s history. These first constituents worked to forge ties together that go far beyond culture and history distant or recent, it stems from a desire to enhance the well-being of their people, to join the continent together and
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