Building up Trust Between Customers and Entrepreneur's Enterprise

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Hello, The document you uploaded for this order: 103870Guidelines_for_Writing_an_Executive_Summary.docx is available on the internet. I read this document prior to writing an executive summary for this assignment. Moreover, I incorporated its principles into the executive summary I completed for this assignment. I don't know what you think should be done differently in fulfilling this 5 page executive summary with four sources--which is what the instructions for this assignment stipulate, and which is what I wrote and included. Thanks. The principle way for any business to establish trust and rapport with customers is through peer-related interactions. Quite simply, customers do not believe information provided to them by watchdog organizations or by company overviews and documentation boasting about their products and services. They do, however, believe and trust their relationships with their peers. Once their peers can provide information and recommendations about an organization, people are substantially more likely to utilize its products and services. Trust also plays an integral role in the principle method of revenue collection for an online entity. There is evidence that suggests that the best way of pursuing this goal, once there is a degree of trust between customers and a business, is through credit cards. It is worth noting that Elsa Entrepreneur's odds for increasing her business's propensity for exploiting peer relationships and credit card usage is

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