Builingualism and Multibilingualism: John Edwards,

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Project Objectives By writing this project I expect going deeper into the field and analyze the importance and consequences of blingualizing world. In the near future the general dissemination of information technology and knowledge generation technologies will claim the ability to understand things and events beyond the particular professional niche, ability to adapt to new phenomena, personal need of changes and cooperation at the international level. This creates a social order for professionals, who are having a high level of bilingual competence and ability to communicate in a complex multicultural social space. Bilingualism became an indispensable social quality of a modern specialist, one the attributes of his image, contributing the formation of certain personality traits, such as sociability, tolerance, self-confidence. One of the principal features of the modern society is development of info-communicative technologies, what allows us to characterize it as society of global communications, where communication means technological tool of interpretation and information sharing, while the specifics of info production materializes in linguistic form. Globalization leads to significant shifts towards direct communication, both between institutions and individuals. As a result of integration, in Europe and in the rest of the world, takes place a formation of a common language of research, science and education. This leads to the development of global social
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