Buising Case Study: Tyren's Case

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12/7 8:30am This worker went to the TC hearing for Walters.
This worker spoke with Kendra Buckley about the Walters case.
Kendra told this worker that Tyren had busing to his face, arm, and leg when he attended school. The teacher reported that Tyren reported that Michael Curry, mom's boy friend, had whooped him with the skinny part of a belt.
Kendra told this worker that Tyren was seen at Alton Memorial where there was more bruising found on Tyren's stomach and chest.
Alton memorial suggested Kendra for Tyren to be taken to children's hospital to the abuse unit to make sure there was no internal bleeding.
There was no internal bleeding found. Children's filled out an affidavit of abuse.
Kendra told this worker that to the school teacher, principal, nurse, and police Tyren reported that moms both friend, Michael, the inflicted the bruising. Tyren's story has changed between the home interview and the hospital, Alton memorial. Lamiya told Tyren during the transportation to the hospital to blame the whooping and bruising on mom.
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Kendra gave this worker information about phone numbers, the relative foster home, and the children's health. All of the children occasionally have eczema. The daughter Tamyia has asthma.
Kendra told this worker that Tyren and Terrance attend Eunice Smith Elementary school and Tamyia attends East Elementary.
Kendra stated Lamyia's home is safe for visits. The children are bonded and love mom.
Kendra was able to get this worker information on Terrance Crenshaw SR. There is an order of protection against Terrance SR in the state of Missouri.
Kendra told this worker hat Lamyia has a learning

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