Buisness Information Systems Ch1 Essay

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1. Why is technology considered "invasive"? A. Technology is an integral part of our personal, as well as our professional lives. B. Technology has destroyed many values of society. C. It has forced certain businesses to shut down for good. D. Technology requires that employees work more than 40 hours per week. _____ deals with the planning for, development, management, and use of information technology tools to help people perform all tasks related to information processing and management. A. Management by objectives B. Management information system C. Transaction processing system D. Executive information system Data refers to ____. A. factual information that a person knows B. raw facts that describe a particular phenomenon C.
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19. At lower organizational levels, information exhibits _____ granularity. A. unrefined B. fine C. concentrated D. coarse 20. At upper organizational levels, information exhibits _____ granularity. A. smooth B. fine C. coarse D. distributed 21. In a downward information flow, information: A. originates at the lowest level of the organization and is passed downward through the various levels. B. originates at a higher level and is passed to lower levels. C. flows between functional business units and work teams. D. is communicated from and to customers, suppliers, distributors, and other partners for the purpose of doing business. 22. If the marketing department were to pass information to the finance department, what type of information flow is this considered? A. Downward B. Horizontal C. Upward D. Outward 23. If a business sends information to its customers, suppliers, or distributors, what type of information flow is this considered? A. Horizontal B. Upward C. Downward D. Outward/inward 24. Which of the following is true of downward flow of information? A. The middle level of the organization develops strategies. B. The lower levels of the organization convert the tactics into strategies. C. The upper levels of the organization deal with the operational details. D. The middle levels of an organization convert those strategies into tactics. 25. Internal information: A. attempts to describe something that is unknown. B. describes the

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