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interoffice memorandum

|to: |Chris Wall |
|from: |payal sharma |
|subject: |About kellogg’s |
|date: |September 28, 2015 |
|cc: |Payal sharma |
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So we need to market research and see what customers like to eat for breakfast.

Kellogg’s needs to use the primary and secondary method because it shows how many people like each product by doing a survey. By using primary it shows what customers like for example the texture of the product if most people like sweet or with fruit inside Kellogg’s product we can take that in mind and make a new product from that.

For secondary we can do survey and see what customers like and what they do not like. Collect the information that is relevant to Kellogg’s and use that and see what product was popular.

Marketing research is where we do research on the product and see if the customers like the product so they can decide on which one to buy for their breakfast to eat in the morning. Marketing plan is what customer like for example if they like chocolate or fruit. On what the product and the packaging is going to look like for the customers and what attracts the on buying the product in the first place.

Marketing plan and marking research for primary and secondary details of existing customers. For example in primary information is collected at first by hand. Kellogg’s would do research on what customers like and what they don’t like in order to make a decision on what customers like to eat for breakfast. For secondary they would publish and keep a sources of information for example those produced by marketing and organisation for

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