Bulemia in a 17 Year Old Girl

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This assignment will discuss the condition identified in the case study of a 17 year old girl called Jess. Jess has bulimia Jess also surfered from anorexia and she was hospitalised after her weight dropped to 6.5 stone. Jess is unsure what age she became a bulimic. Karen, Jess’s mother who is also bulimic is concerned about Jess’s Physical health and had her reviewed by a gastroenterologist. Her consultant has noticed jess is presenting with downy hair on her arms and believes this is an indication of anorexia.
To fully understand Jess’s case the condition that she suffering from must be understood and the symptoms, causes, effects and treatments must be explored. In this assignment an accurate assessment of Jess’s needs
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Appearance-oriented professions or activities: People who face tremendous image pressure are vulnerable to developing bulimia. Those at risk include dancers, models, gymnasts, runners, actors and any other profession that weight and body image is under scrutiny
Bulimia is often a vicious circle. If you have the condition, it is likely that you have very low self-esteem. You may also think you are overweight, even though you may be at or near a normal weight for your height and build. This may encourage you to set yourself strict rules about dieting, eating or exercising, which are very hard to maintain. If you fail to keep to these strict rules, you binge on the things that you have denied yourself. After feeling guilty about bingeing, you purge to get rid of the calories.

Treatment for Bulimia can vary for the individual. Effective treatment of bulimia has to address the underlying emotional and mental health issues A GP can monitor the physical aspect of the disorder but the psychological aspect also has to be treated. The psychological treatments begins with seeing an eating disorder specialist, usually a psychologist who has experience and a good understanding and training in helping people with bulimia. Most treatments try to break the vicious cycle of bulimia and show the indulivial how their own negative self-image impacts their eating behaviour. Support groups and services can help break the social
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