Essay about Bulimia & Anorexia in the Media

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In today's society all the actors, actresses, and models are all really thin. There is nothing to them, except skin and bones. With all these role models looking this way it creates a few problems. Problems that are over looked until something drastic happens. These traumatic experiences stem from the drastic measures that young girls and women take; like starving themselves to feel good. Anorexia and bulimia nervosa are serious illnesses that affect young girls and women between the ages of ten and twenty. Both similar in the sense that they involve losing weight but both different from each other. Lets take a closer look at each.

Anorexia is an illness that occurs in teenage girls and young women as mentioned earlier. This illness is
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Strange eating habits come along with this; they divide their food into good and bad categories. Good is for healthy food such fruits, and bad is for foods that contain carbohydrates. When one feels as if they cannot control things they begin to hurt themselves, the list above are just some of the ways of doing so.

Another form of anorexia is anorexia athletica or compulsive exercising. This type of anorexia is found mainly in athletes. It is not really a formal diagnosis but the behaviors go right along with that of anorexia and bulimia nervosa, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some of their behaviors are as

<li value="1"> The person repeatedly exercises beyond the requirement for good health
<li value="2"> May be a fanatic about weight and diet
<li value="3"> Focuses on challenge, they forget that physical activity can be fun
<li value="4"> Does not savor victory, and they push on to the next challenge right away, and the main important one,
<li value="5"> Justifies excessive behavior by defining self as a special elite athlete

These people here use their athlete title as an excuse for all the exercise that they are doing. Not only are they just exercising but they are starving themselves too. This group of people are the ones that are hurting themselves the most. They hardly eat then they go for a two and plus jog to burn off the calories that

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